Raven Rae Bedroom Porn Femhumiliation Tube Lingerie Video Feminization

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Raven Rae brought some extra lingerie out of the cupboard today and they're definitely not for her. How do you feel about wearing women's underwear?
Come on, they're obviously not meant to be worn by me. Both of us know how much you adore the idea of being treated like a woman, so how about we actually do it for real? Get your ass in these panties and try the bra on. I promise you'll feel amazing once we're done.
Doesn't that just feel so natural to you? The way the bra cups your chest. The way the panties frame your cute little ass. Everything about this sissification experience is pure bliss to you. I can tell by the look in your eyes: you love being a woman.
- Raven Rae

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Ashley Graham Tube Bedroom Video Porn Feminization Big Tits Femhumiliation Brunette Lingerie

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It has come to Ashley's attention that you want to go out bar hopping with her one night. She's decided that's only happening if you get dressed up as a woman.
You're a dude, you realize that, yeah? Well, you know what, I might actually be able to help you out and become the type of person I'd go out with. Here, take this cute pink bra with flowers on it and try it on. Oh my, that's quite the feminine appeal you have! I didn't realize what a sissy you were.
Now before we go out, I need to know that you're going to be able to do the most feminine things. How about you get your mouth around this strapon and show me how good you are at sucking dick? That's a good girl. You've got quite a mouth on you and know a thing or two about getting a dude's junk hard.
- Ashley Graham

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Tabitha Dildo Blonde Porn Tube Video Feminization Big Tits Femhumiliation Big Ass Bedroom

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Tabitha loves all her male servants to experience what it's like to be a woman. For you, this means a good lesson in getting your mouth around some rock hard cock.
I'm going to make you into my personal bisexual slut today, and in order to do that, I'm giving you a good 1 on 1 session in the art of sucking cock. This dick is going to be treated like absolute perfection by you. You're going to worship it, kiss it, suck it and milk it for every last drop of cum like the perfect bisexual whore you are.
You're lucky that you have such an experienced woman here to tell you all about giving a blowjob. In fact, I think we're going to have a really good session today. Yup, I've decided that you'll be learning to suck two dicks today - not just one. So, what do you say? Are you ready to get the lesson of a lifetime?
- Tabitha

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Jolene Bedroom Femhumiliatio Brunette Lingerie Porn Video Tube Feminization

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Jolene is your mistress and she's about to tell you what happened today with your credit card and her little shopping spree. Go and listen up: she got you a few things.
Heya. So yeah, I went shopping today with your card and managed to get us a few things to spice up our bedroom experience. For instance, take a look at this black dress. It was $150 - I think it's a bargain! Oh, these heels as well. Do you think they're cute?
So the dinner we're going to tonight? Yeah, well I think it's in our best interests if we show everyone at your company who the real you is. That means that you're going to wear the dress and heels. Believe me, once I'm done dressing you up and making you look perfect, everyone at your company is going to fall in love with sissy you.
- Jolene

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Tabitha Blonde Bedroom Video Porn Tube Feminization Big Tits Big Ass Femhumiliation Lingerie

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Tabitha's ultimate fantasy is to see every single one of her slaves dressed up as a lady and treated like a feminine entity. It just so happen that today's your day for the ultimate sissification session.
You're going to come over here right this second so that I can make you the perfect female. How about we start with you trying on some of my lingerie? Put this on and do a quick twirl for us, I want to make sure that your ass looks fine when it's all dressed up.
Oh my, you're more than just acceptable - you're a pretty hot slut when I think about it! Here, let me put some makeup on you and do your hair all nice and pretty. I guarantee that when I take you out in public, you're going to be looked at by all the men and they won't have a single idea that you're actually a sissy.
- Tabitha

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Mistress Ashley Blonde Porn Feminization Video tube Bedroom Femhumiliation

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Mistress Ashley has decided that she wants to play dress-up, only that her target for feminine destruction is you. Get ready for some sissification just the way you like it.
Get your small balls and pathetic dick strapped into that lacey thong this second. That's it, make sure that it looks like you have a cute little pussy instead of that gross collection of bulges you actually have. Now, take those stockings, because there's nothing I like on a sissy more than silky smooth nylon stockings.
How are you feeling right now? I bet it's amazing to remove every element of manliness you ever had. Your body has been craving for a mistress like me to demolish your masculinity and turn you into the perfect female doll. You sure are a pretty little girl - all the guys are going to want a piece of that ass when I take you out tonight.
- Mistress Ashley

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Raven Rae Bedroom Lingerie Feminization Porn Video Femhumiliation Tube

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Recently, you decided to purchase your secret mistress a dress as a sign of appreciation. Unfortunately for you, she'd rather see someone else wear it.
I do think it's really pretty, of course! But that doesn't take away from the fact that I'm itching to turn you into a sissy, and this is the perfect opportunity. We both know that you love the idea of being a woman, so why are you trying to hide it?
Look, try the dress on and let's see how you feel in it. I can tell you now, that ass is absolutely fabulous. You look so feminine and beautiful. I think we can get you some lipstick and high heels and you're good to go. The new lady you is perfect. I love it!
- Raven Rae

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Making You Gay - Gay & Bi Fantasy

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Giantess Fetish Clips - Giantess

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Small Penis Humiliators - SPH

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Tickle Craze - Tickling Lezdom

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