Katie Cummings Taylor Raz Lingerie Big Tits Video Feminization Porn Big Ass Video Blonde Brunette Tube Femhumiliation Tattoo

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You're the personal slave of Katie Cummings and Taylor Raz. As part of your commitment to these ladies, it's time for you to go through some mandatory sissification to turn you into a girl.
We know that you'll do absolutely anything we ask, so that's why we're going to turn you into the perfect little female slut. It's a special treat, and we hope you realize just how much we're doing to turn you into a hot babe.
We've got a cock for you. Yeah, that's right. Your stupid mouth is going to be rammed full of rock hard dick. We know you're bisexual, so don't even pretend for a minute that the idea of sucking a dick is something you're not down for after we switch you into a sissy bitch.
- Katie Cummings & Taylor Raz

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Kandii Kiss  cuckolding fantasy video

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Kandii Kiss surprises her slave with a hot date but they are not going to be alone since the blonde invited a stud for a shag. This will be a great experience for the kinky fellow.
Guess what are we going to do tonight! We will have a date with one of my fuckers. Since I dislike starting I will let you suck on his massive dong which I know will make your cock super hard. Make that member nice and hard so I can have much fun with it while you sit in a corner and watch me moan while I enjoy a real man's engorged cock.
You will get to watch me get drilled hard while you are just sitting over there, beating your meat imagining you are the one shagging me. But you know you will enjoy watching me getting bent over. It will turn you on so hard.
- Kandii Kiss

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Taylor Raz  Katie Cummings Feminization Porn Video Big Tits Big Ass Brunette Tube Blonde Bedroom tattoo Femhumiliation Threesome

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The offer is on the table for a threesome with Taylor Raz and Katie Cummings. The only problem? They need you to suck a dick in the most humiliating way possible.
Listen, we know that you're going to do whatever we tell you, because you're our slave and when it comes to getting any attention from us, you'll do exactly as we say. It's pathetic, yes - and you should really feel like a powerless individual. But then again, you're going to get some sex and tender loving care out of it, so what's the big deal?
Surely you've imagined the idea of being a bisexual in front of us, right? After all, we go to town on each other all the time and show off some hot girl-on-girl action. It's not that hard to imagine you doing the same in order to keep us entertained. So, open that mouth and be prepared for a big rock hard cock to be delivered deep inside it. You're a hot bisexual slut now.
- Taylor Raz & Katie Cummings

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Taylor Raz Big Tits Blonde Porn Feminization Tube Video Tattoo Femhumiliation

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You went to spy on Taylor Raz as she was looking for an outfit and she caught you. As a punishment, she's going to pick out a girly costume for you to wear like the feminine slut you are.
What the fuck do you think you're doing in my dressing room? Oh my god. I knew you were a bit of a creep, but this is just a whole new level of creepy. Yeah, you might be harmless, but that doesn't mean shit to me.
You know what, fuck this. We're going to see how you like it. You're going to be my little sissy bitch. Stand here in front of me so I can find a sexy little outfit for you to wear. So strip out of those stupid clothes and slip into this dress. It's time you got taught a lesson about women and what we have to go through with creeps like you stalking us.
- Taylor Raz

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Taylor Raz Feminization Tube Porn Video Blonde Bedroom Lingerie Femhumiliation Tattoo Big Tits

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Today you helped Taylor Raz set up a dating profile online because you're a computer geek. As a special treat, she's going to feminize you and fulfill your fantasy of being a sissy bitch.
Thank you so much for helping me out! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before a real man comes along and treats me the way I wish to be treated. Only that's not quite how it works - see, I've actually set up the profile for you! What do you mean? No, haha. You're silly: it's for you as a woman, not as a man!
Stop pretending like you don't know what I mean. We're both fully aware of your desire to be a woman and there's really nothing wrong with that. Besides, it's all said and done now - men are going to be contacting you on an hourly basis to get a slice of that ass. Here, try this cute outfit on and let's get you started on your new life as a hot cross-dressing sissy.
- Taylor Raz

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Making You Gay - Gay & Bi Fantasy

Making You Gay Bi Fantasy Feminization Crossdressing Cuckolding
You'll do anything for a couple of hot bitches won't you? I think we should totally whore you out and make you suck dick. You've always thought of sucking another man off and being humiliated by femdommes

Femdom Craze - Femdom POV Megasite

Femdom Craze Femdom POV
Femdom Craze is the premier Femdom POV Megasite with over 4 daily updates of a variety of femdom & humiliation related niches. Enjoy hundreds of videos with safe anonymous billing malware free.

Eat Your Cum - Cum Eating Instruction

Eat Your Cum CEI Cum Eating Instructions
Mmmm yea you want to cum so bad we can feel it so go ahead faster, faster, faster now cum for us! Cum all over our tits and lick it up bitch! Lick all that jizz of yours up and swallow it

Foot Fetish Addiction - Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Addiction Foot Fetish Worship
Look at my size 7 feet and how much you so desperately want them. I can spread them very wide and have you lick in between all of them. How about you stick your dick in between my arches

Chastity Craze - Chastity

Chastity Craze Chastity Humiliation
It's a chastity device and your dick will soon be stuffed inside of it and locked up for good. It will be oh so painful and yet so hot for me while I tease your locked up cock

Jerk Your Dick - Jerk Off Instruction

Jerk Your Dick JOI Jerk Off Instruction
Are you ready to masturbate for me? You know you've always wanted to stick your dick inside of my pussy since I was a hot, sexy cheerleader. My body and tits totally turn you on and you love it

Ballbusting POV - Ballbusting

Ballbusting POV Ballbusting Kicks
I demand that you are going to follow my directions and ballbust yourself. I absolutely love kicking guys in the balls but you are going to have you to do it to yourself and I will laught at you

Giantess Fetish Clips - Giantess

Giantess Fetish Clips Size Fetish
Haha I almost stopped on you but I think that's what you want! You love getting crushed under a giantess like me and love being humiliated for just how tiny you are

Small Penis Humiliators - SPH

Small Penis Humiliators SPH Small Penis Humiliation
We can't believe that you actually pulled that small dick out of your pants in front of us. You're pathetically disgusting and should be ashamed to have such a tiny dick!

Tickle Craze - Tickling Lezdom

Tickle Craze Tickling Fetish Lezdom
Catherine knows how ticklish she is and it's the last thing she wants but she eventually realizes that's what the two girls are going to do for some sweet revenge